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Web Site Maintenance & Promotion
(How to get the hits!)

Is your web site getting the results it should? It may need some maintenance. Why?

  • Perhaps when it was built it was never registered with the major search engines.
  • It may not have been designed "search engine friendly" so that it would rank well.
  • Your site may not have been updated to correct for changes in the way search engines currently index sites. (Your web site designer may not have done what we do for every new site we build!)
  • Maybe you don't know why? That's not a problem.

As time goes by, both intrusion from your competitors and changes in search engine indexing strategies can erode your search engine position, thus reducing the number visitors to your site.

Web site maintenance for existing web sites also includes keeping your site's content current and up to date.

  • Do you have specials that change often?
  • Is your content seasonal?
  • Has it been a while since your web site was updated to take advantage of the latest browser and audio/visual technologies?
  • Does it reflect your current corporate themes?
  • Does it no longer "feel" right?

Because each and every web site is different, and the desires and goals of web site managers are as varied as their sites, we have found that the best solutions can only be obtained after a period of consultation and site review. Please fill out and submit the form below or call us at 936-894-3048 and we will begin the process of improving your relationship with the World Wide Web.

Maintenance & Promotion Information Request

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We're interested in help with:
Search engine registration
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Rebuilding our web site
Frequent web site maintenance
Just need help!
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Please include in the box below any and all other information that you feel may be useful.




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